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The Difference Between Modelling Agencies and Modelling Studios

The Difference Between Modelling Agencies and Modelling Studios

Many people, young and old, in all shapes and sizes see models in the world around them and wonder if they may also have what it takes to become one. Can they cut it in catalogues, selling clothes for high street labels? What about selling jewellery as a body parts model? With the industry now more reflective of those buying the clothes they are wearing, plus size models, fitness models and over 40’s models are more in demand than ever. However, most people have no idea what the first steps into modelling are and like many people who are unfamiliar with a problem, assume there is more to it than there really is.

Many aspiring models looking for advice about modelling fall victim to scams. One of these scams is the ‘advice’ scam- this is the idea that a company which is not a work-finding agency is there to advise you on your next steps towards becoming a model. These companies include UK Models Advice, Models Connect, Model Scams, Model Excellence, The Model Advisors. All of these companies claim to provide advice for you. However, in reality they are photography studios or photography studio directories, that pass on your details to photo studios. These companies sell you photo shoots for hundreds even thousands of pounds but are only worth one or two hundred pounds. These photos are usually highly airbrushed and of poor quality and are therefore useless for real agencies to use and figure out if you have what it takes.

Studios are businesses that provide photo shoots. They are not modelling agencies and do not find models work. It is not allowed for modelling agencies to charge upfront fees and they are there to pay you money. If you find yourself paying for a photo shoot or asked to pay a deposit for a photo day, understand this is a photography business trying to sell you photos and nothing more. Examples of these include Base Models and Form Models, both nothing to do with becoming a model.

The thing that many aspiring models do not know is that agencies like FM Models, Storm Models and Select Models are always on the lookout for new clients. They have websites and in most cases online forms where you can upload a simple unenhanced photo of yourself and your personal information and they contact you if you have potential. They can assess you because they are real agencies. However, you may see these forms on modelling directories like Model Excellence but these are just there to capture your personal details and sell them on to photo studios who pay them a monthly fee.

If you want to become a model, approach agencies directly but if you just want your photo taken, go directly to photography studios or a photographer.

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