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7 Effective Tips On How To Become a Model

7 Effective Tips On How To Become a Model

Modelling? What usually come into our minds when the word ‘modeling’ is being said? Many would say ‘Fashion’, ‘Runways’, ‘Tall’ and ‘Attractive’. But those are just half of it. The modeling market is vast, so is not just high fashion. It ranges from editorials, commercials, TV Commercials(TVC) and even body parts. The world of modeling is more than just being tall and pretty. It is extremely tough and competitive; many do not realize how much effort is being put into shoots and fashion shows as it looks so effortless on our screens. And even more, the amount of practices models do to achieve their dreams as a high fashion model like Karlie Kloss, Liu Wen and Adriana Lima.

Fashion and modeling has revolutionized throughout the years and still revolutionizing. Back in the days, it is a MUST for a model to be tall, slender and good looking. Now in the 21st century, we can see models vary from all heights, size, colour, features and nationalities. Unique features that weren’t well accepted back then like thick eyebrows, rare skin pigmentation and albinism are now taking the world by storm. Cara Delevingne are known for her unique eyebrows and Winnie Harlow who was teased for looking like a zebra back in her childhood is now landing shows and shoots all over the world with top designers. Last but not least, Shaun Ross who has albinism has modeled for many top designers like Alexander McQueen. Food for thought for those whom feel like ‘Oh, I’m not good enough to be a model’

Every model has their story, on how they were discovered or the countless emails they’ve sent to modeling agencies in hopes to be invited for castings and the numerous times they failed to book shows before being where they are today – a successful model. No model started their journey easy, although it seems like they’ve never knew how it feels to ‘start tough’.

So here are 7 effective tips on how to become a model.

  1. Do your research!

It is extremely important to know thoroughly about modeling. Google up articles, watch YouTube videos. Hence you can prepare on what to expect in the industry and know the type of modeling you would like to venture in. Whilst, look up for some potential agencies that you’d like to work with and make sure they’re legit and not out on the run for your money.

  1. Settling in for the final decision

Once you’ve found a few agencies you’d like to work with, start contacting them in every way possible. Be it via email, calling them or even go over to the agency to meet them in person. That is the most ideal approach to get a much clearer and accurate impression of the agency you are planning to work with. This is an imperative stride as at this point you ought to know how to pick a the preferred agency that best matches the sort of modelling you would like to venture in. Once successfully contacted, the agency should be able to guide you to starting up your portfolio as it is a very important tool for your potential clients to know how you look like. A strategically planned and taken portfolio is crucial as it will help you land jobs.

  1. Know what you’re signing up for!

Once you’re offered a contact or anything that needs your valuable signature. Read the terms and conditions carefully as you do not want to sign up for something you’re uncomfortable with! Many models tend to overlook this important step as they’re overwhelmed with excitement after being offered a contract.

  1. Be yourself!

After signing a contract, you’d probably spend a lot of time thinking on how to impress your future clients. Don’t waste your time doing that, because the only way to impress your clients is to truly be yourself! Appearance is one thing, but clients do want to pick a beauty with great personality. Here’s another tip. When you attend castings, clients would have a conversation with you to dig up some basic information from you so they can know you more than just a model. If you’re shy, you better not be in front of your clients! They want someone who is confident to represent their brand. Here’s another hot tip for a model, always keep it simple whenever attend castings! Wear something body fitting so clients can estimate your size and wear minimal makeup! No falsies and thick eyeliner for you, ladies! All of these are so your clients can have a more accurate imagination of you in their products.

  1. ‘Niceness’ goes a long way.

Always be nice to everyone you meet throughout your journey! There will be models who are mean and snobbish. So you got to stand out by being the opposite! Treat everyone with respect. Treat people like how you would want to be treated. The world is round, so whatever you do, it will eventually comes back to you. So, be nice and smile!

  1. ‘Be like water’

Okay not literally like water. But be easily adaptable! You will meet all kinds of people, doing shoots in environments you never thought possible and sometimes even needing you to push your body to maximum limits to get that perfect shot that might worth millions. You can’t call it quits halfway because that might affect your future as a model and maybe you won’t be able to re-book shows or shoots. Every client, shoot and shows is different from another. Take everything you do as a learning experience. Moreover, it gives you more exposure as well. So you will be even more well prepared as times goes by. Every model would tell you that.

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle.

Many models neglect that. As you know, many models starve themselves and suffer from eating disorders so they could be skinny enough to fit into more clothes or to even impress designers. Don’t be one of those models! Instead of starving yourself, eat healthy, hit the gym or sweat it out on court! It’s better to be lean and maybe a little muscular than to be unhealthily thin. If you haven’t heard, many countries have banned recruitment of ultra-thin models. According to Reuters, the French legislature voted for a bill Friday the declares: “The activity of model is banned for any person whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is lower than levels proposed by health authorities and decreed by the ministers of health and labor.” So if you want to still land jobs and impress clients, quickly hit the gym and work for that Victoria Secret model body! Get a personal trainer if you need to! And last but not least get sufficient sleep and avoid cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

Know that being a successful model is no overnight work. It takes a lot of precious time, dedication and hard work. You will face all sorts of criticism throughout your modeling journey, so don’t take it too much to heart and most of all don’t let it affect your emotions. Because it can be seen in the end product. Stay positive and take everything as a learning experience! Don’t call it quits so easily. Remember your dreams, goals you’ve set for yourself. Note that, there will never be ‘the best model’. Because trends are always changing and fashion constantly revolutionizing, just be sure to keep yourself in your best game and you are ready to be embark the journey to modeldom.

In conclusion, keep striving for the best and never give up. Work with your flaws and always improve yourself from projects to projects. Little did you know, you might be in the front covers of Vogue or walking on international runways for top designers.


Written: Vinod Vullikanti 

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